About us

I&D Strata is a dynamic, independent inspection company, providing reports on Strata Title, Community Title, Company Title, Neighbourhood & other associated reports.

We pride ourselves on fast & efficient service, coupled with our professional commitment to detail in our reports. We cover the greater Sydney area, Wollongong & Central Coast.

Our inspectors are trained professionals, with years of experience, led by Principal Matt Trachtenberg-Ray, who has been involved in searching for over 10 years. We also carry full Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Our reports are plain English, no nonsense documents, delivered electronically & are usually available within 1-2 business days. Should any queries come up regarding the report, our team is more than happy to discuss any such issues at no extra charge.

Please search for a report using the Strata Plan Number or the address of the unit via our Report Search, if the report you are after isn’t listed please request one to be carried out using our

online request form here
, or contact us for more information.

Note: We are unable to provide legal advice or personal opinions. Our reports are based on the documentation provided to us by the Strata Manager at the time of the search.

I&D Strata